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Why 1Password is a great choice as a Password Manager

Why 1Password is a great choice as a Password Manager

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Cybercrime is on the rise and one of the main reasons for this is that users are not thinking about security enough. Usernames are fairly easy to discover, with most being related to names/email addresses which can be found with just a simple Google search. So, when combined with a commonly used password, hackers will gain access to private, ‘secure’, files easily.

In 2019, the most commonly used password was 123456. This was used by 23.2 million people who had their accounts hacked. The next most popular password was 123456789, which was used by more than 7.7 million hacked users. Qwerty and Password were used by 3 million each.

While these passwords are easy to remember, they are also a security risk. It is almost pointless having them as a master password, and it means it’s not a case of if you’ll get hacked, but when. That is why you need to use stronger, more secret passwords, those that contain a mix of uppercase, lowercase, symbol and number characters. Ideally, all accounts should have a different password.

However, many people struggle with remembering all those passwords. This can lead to frustration as you get locked out of accounts trying to enter the right password. So, what you need is a password manager and this is where 1Password can help.

Secure a master password


1password is a solution where all your passwords are stored in an online vault with encryption that prevents anyone from accessing those passwords that you don’t want to. When you want to log in to an account, say your banking dashboard, the 1Password system will complete the details for you.

This remote system allows you to forget all the rest of your passwords and concentrate on just one, your 1Password password. This allows you to follow the best practices for keeping a password (namely that none are repeated) while only having to remember one password.

In addition, the 1Password system remembers all the important details such as username and private details.

Stay security conscious online, everywhere

In addition to storing your passwords, 1Password can ensure that you’re keeping your online accounts secure. There are notifications for when your password is deemed vulnerable, or if a website is considered insecure. This allows you to make changes to your habits that will keep your online data more secure and away from cybercriminals.

1Password is available across multiple devices, browsers and operating systems. Therefore, you can stay secure and access all of your accounts anywhere you go.

So, if you don't have 1Password yet, don't delay. Join thousands of other users who are enjoying a more secure online life. The first 20 People to sign up using the 1Password link above will get 3 months free on a family account.