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Computer Repair

Dave's Tech Support is a computer repair business based in Holywood, outside Belfast Northern Ireland. We provide a wide range of professional computer repair services.

If you are having computer issues or issues with a number of your other pieces of equipment please contact us.

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Featured Services

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General Computer Repairs

Dave's Tech Support offers a complete range of computer repairs and upgrades in the Holywood, Belfast area. We understand just how seriously computer malfunctions impact on contemporary lifestyles, so you can rely on us .... Read more

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Virus and Malware Removal

Malware or a computer virus can really impact on your ability to use your computer or even stop it working altogether. And, it's so common for malware infections to impact on devices that are used regularly to access the.... Read more

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Desktop & Laptop Formatting

Professional desktop and laptop formatting can be the ideal solution if you plan to sell your device or give it away. This way you can be absolutely certain all confidential data is deleted from the hard drive of your ma.... Read more

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Email Setup

Setting up a professional email address is an important task for any business or freelancer. If you live in or around the Holywood area in Northern Ireland, Dave's Tech Support offer the professional email setup solution.... Read more

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Internet and Networking Solutions

Maintaining your smart home or office in the Holywood area of Northern Ireland can be tricky at times. Very often problems with your wireless network or internet service can be the cause of minor difficulties, but if you.... Read more

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Password Recovery

Losing or forgetting your computer password or login details is really frustrating. Dave's Tech Support offers the valuable password recovery services needed by domestic customers and businesses in the Holywood area. We .... Read more